Scott Vaughan

Scott Vaughan is a lifelong communicator.Download Scott's Resume.

As a boy, growing up 40 miles north of Atlanta, he visited his grandparents,

colored a picture, mailed it to himself, and then waited by the mailbox each day

until it arrived.

In 1974, after a failed career as a busboy in a local pizza restaurant, he rode his

10-speed bike to the local newspaper office and asked for a job. He was hired to

write sports, following the teams at his high school, and to provide janitorial services

after school. When he graduated from high school, he attended the University of

Georgia on a four-year grant through the Georgia Press Association. At Georgia,

he worked in circulation for the daily newspapers in Athens, GA. He graduated with

a degree in journalism and a minor course of study in sociology.

For the next 13 years, Scott worked at a variety of newspapers, serving in advertising sales, news reporting, editorial writing, circulation, and publishing. Newspapers he led won state and national awards for editorial writing, advertising and promotion campaigns. His career took him throughout Georgia and ultimately to Lexington, SC, a suburb of the state capital, Columbia.

Scott left the newspaper business in 1994, and in 1995 joined the staff of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, in Columbia, where he served as director of marketing until 2003. In 2003, he launched Scott Vaughan Communications and has served more than 4,000 congregations through North America. In 2017, desiring to be a practitioner of The Cooperative Ministry, in Columbia, as director of community awareness. The Cooperative Ministry serves the working poor and those in crisis.

In 2014, Scott published the first of four award-winning novels based on the stories of his life.

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