Serving the strategic communication needs of non-profit organizations, churches, and individuals


an assessment

of how and what the church is doing in communication.

Scott Vaughan has helped more than 1,000 churches with his communication reviews.

All reviews include conversations about audience, methods, messages, management, and budget.

There are several options.

The Basic Communication Review - $200

Scott will take a quick look at your website, Facebook Page, logo, e-newsletter, print newsletter, worship bulletins, and any other communication product you regularly use. Scott will then use a one-hour conference call or Zoom Video Conference (it's free) to talk with your manager, team, staff, or leadership about recommendations. We can even talk about greeter ministry and any other communication topic desired. The goal is for your church to take away five ideas for future conversation.

The Communication Review - $1,600

It's the same as The Basic but . . . Scott will send you a survey so you can tell him about your management system. Instead of a quick look at your communication, he'll read every page of your website, study your newsletters, and give suggestions not just about messages but about perceived audiences, messages, management and delivery schedules. In addition to that one hour conference or Zoom call, you will also get a 4-5 page report e-mailed to you beforehand.

The On-Site Review - $5,000

Scott will travel to you and spend a weekend (Friday evening through Sunday morning), working side-by-side with staff and leadership toward reviewing, talking, and envisioning the kind of communication system that creates a climate for conversation about how God is at work within your church, welcomes those the Lord sends to you, and helps you build relationships with people you meet. This is an immersion communication experience at your church property and in your community. The visit includes a Sunday immersion so that Scott can evaluate your usher and greeter and hospitality ministry. The visit can also include Scott's energetic, funny, passionate clinics that move people to see communication as an evangelistic, missional strategy of the church. The fee includes all travel expenses and pre-work.

Scott will always be available to you for e-mail questions or a quick telephone conversation. No extra free - ever.